My Birthday !! May 28th…

Don’t get chance to write this post on the same day was busy with talking to friends, Every birthday use to take resolutions but never accomplished it, still this birthday is very important to me, as turned 24 years  parents talking about my marriage. But when I think what I did throughout my entire career all the way up to 24 years as usual answer is nothing. This year need to set-up a roadmap to accomplish my destination or dream whatever.

Oh!! God !! Please give me Strength, Knowledge, Power to achieve my goals.

This is my first post regarding my birthday, I want to mention how I celebrated my past 23 birthdays

28-05-1991– I was introduced to this world by My Mother “HAJIMINESA” and Father “Habib Rahiman”, not matured to remember how my parents celebrated.

28-05-1992 28-05-2008–All this years my celebration was same, my mother only remembers my birthday. She ask my father to take new dress for me, my father was busy with his hectic schedule he don’t remember my birthday. Still i remember those moments, wearing new dress with one gold chain above my shirts, I use to give chocolates to neighbours they gift me money(Rs.10, Rs.20). My mother use to prepare some specials dishes like kesari, payasam, briyani kind of stuff. She is the one who guided me all way throughout my career, though she haven’t graduated to guide me in my studies her thoughts and vision about us is simply awesome Love you AMMA 🙂 🙂 i’m writing this in very simple single line its not very simple, her scarifies, prayer, blessings only put me into the place where I’m standing now. I’m very lucky to have her as my mother If she wouldn’t be in my life I never walked this much in my life. Amma I need your prayer, love, blessings to achieve my goals.

28-05-2008  28-05-2012- This year is very very special to me, Bcoz., I was introduced to the world of FRIENDS. Till 12th I won’t mingle much friends, This is the years I celebrated with my friends. Sumathi my very very best friend in my life. She is the one who gifted me FIRST GIFT never forget this moment. I have a two gangs of friends one in Class and another gang in hostel Let me talk first about my Class gang. Sumathi, Umar, Revathy, Suganya, Seenu, Sathish, Palani, Suba our gang name <<DRASTIC>>. We all enjoyed like anything during my college days. Next my hostel gang Its very big gang we use to call us <<SPARTANZ>> usually to celebrate birthdays like anything taking cow wastes from road and wastes from mess, pour all mixes over birthday boys body, faces as well entire floor filled with all this wastes that was unforgettable moments.

friendship celebration in janatha illamDSC06184Prathap HomeDSC06171sugi Homefriendship celebration in janatha illamBeachNew year celebration in triplican

28-05-2013  28-05-2014– This year i got new friends my colleagues another set of best buddies. Kamalaveni, Deba, Jankaiii. First time in my life i celebrated my birthday by cutting cake in ONE-MB. Still i remember that day I was very emotional. Kamalaveni my best buddy ever.

Karomi Karomi

BUT this year BIRTHDAY i celebrated with new set of friends Rahul, Lokesh, Shakthi, Raja.

Hyderabad Room

Oh!! god!! i can’t live without My friends please bless me!! i want to stay always with my friends and my family.