Feeling excited…..to share my Bio in web..!!!

it’s been almost 2 years i completed my degree in engineering…Yes of course i’m an engineer from software background, you know why i have chosen tis Career yeah i ll tell when i was in my 9th standard my dad’s friend son got job as SE in US with an offer of about 80k per month after hearing this i started to dig much about software what these people actually doing finally i very much interested in  learning new technology then i joined in CS Club in my school then joined in DCA ( Diploma in computer Application) in Future software training institute…villupuram..Addition of 2 number is the first program executed in c after i have learned c, c++, ms-office during my summer holidays then i taken computer as major in 11th then started exploring much like star office, windows finally my schooling days..over. you may think why i’m not sharing anything about friends yes during my schooling my parent won’t allow me to hangout with friends..so i don’t have more friends from school still i have friends who are all  toppers but i’m a  medicore student.that all about my school life.. 

Joined in pallavan College of engineering as a BTech IT student with lot of career goals. After joined in college only i started feel the essence of Friendship, I have started to gain more friends in college, I usually hangout with friends, friends means a lot to me..from these guys oly  i feel the real friendship thanx a lot buddies. i came to college with lot of career goals but i forget those because of college life…then during my final year only i got an alarm i;m didn’t achieved any from my goal….then joined in one intitue to learn .NET, here i have learned C#, ASP. with this i  have completed my Engineering..with lot sweet memories from friends…missing them a lot…

i got a job as junior programmer in Flex orbits..enviroment is very new to me enjoyed a lot, during my training  got another offer then i switched to new company #Karomi Technology as software engineer trainee. here i got good friends like my college days. here i’m very much aware i have lot of career goals started learing javascript, Jquery…still learning a lot….

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<That all about my Short BIO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



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